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SARL Handyman France Awards

A major part of business for SARL Handyman France, during the summer in particular, is looking after guests staying in the various gÎtes we are involved with, whether managing the entire property or, for instance, just the pool. Over the years, we've dealt with thousands of individuals, the vast majority of whom have presented no particular challenges. A consistent 98.5% of all guests come and go without incident.

This page is dedicated to the other 1.5% plus those who are immortalised by their eccentricities.

Starting in 2012, we began the tongue-in-cheek annual 'awards' list. Many of the winners are simply amusing. A small minority (the 1.5%) caused problems not only for themselves, but also for SARL Handyman France, the properties' owners and in same cases the next paying guests.

Most of the Awards have been published on over the years. Whilst there is no obligation, please follow this link to make a donation, no matter how small, to the Royal British Legion Poppy Appeal in return for downloading any of the pdf documents. Please note that all are protected by Copyright.

In all cases, identities are concealed, as are the locations of properties involved. This is to protect the guilty.

SARL Handyman France often deals with slightly unusual problems. But the Up On the Roof story is bizarre by any standards. The full story, so far as it is known, therefore merits inclusion here.

Please be assured that all of the events reiterated here are true. Nothing has been invented or exaggerated. Why gild the lilly when there is such a wealth of experiences to draw on?

If you find any of these anecdotes unbelievable, and therefore simply cannot be true, remember the words of Mark Twain - "The difference between fact and fiction is that fiction must be believable."