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Environmental Considerations

The moral and legal obligations to care for the environment are overwhelming. At SARL Handyman France we do what we can. By the nature of our business, we are not a major cause of pollution. So we pay attention to the smaller, less obvious ways of caring not only for the world environment, but also for that in which we live in Southern France.

In our routine operations, there is often very little scope for waste reduction. But we do what we can

It is in Gîte cleaning that SARL Handyman France is perhaps leading the field. This is the part of the environment that is close up and personal. So to clean even the biggest of houses, we would normally use only a few litres of water, and so little cleaning agents/chemicals that it is hardly worth mentioning.

The SARL Handyman France commitment to providing cost-effective, quality services is not hampered by environmental considerations. It is enhanced by it.